With the release of the one-hour special episode of Dragon Ball Super, fans are now eagerly waiting to know what will happen next in the ongoing Tournament of Power. The special episode featured a really intense battle between two strong warriors, Goku and Jiren, and the upcoming episodes are also going to focus on some pretty epic battles. Episode 111 featured an epic battle between Hit and Jiren, while the recently surfaced spoilers of Dragon Ball Super episode 112 suggest that something interesting will take place in the said episode.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Spoilers

According to latest spoilers, Dragon Ball Super episode 112 is going to focus on how Vegeta is going to save Cabba from getting eliminated from the Tournament of Power. Yonkou Productions managed to get their hands on the summaries of the upcoming few episodes of Dragon Ball Super, including the summary of episode 112. The summary suggests that in the said episode, the fighter from Universe 6’s, Cabba is going to engage in a fight against Monna from Universe 4. But the latter is going to get blown away by Monna as she is going to be a little too powerful for him.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 112

Just before Cabba gets thrown far away from the arena, Vegeta is going to come to his aid. This will be surprising considering the fact that Vegeta is from Universe 7 and Cabba is from Universe 6, and we all know that only one of them could survive at the end. However, Vegeta just can’t see a fellow Saiyan fall down so he is going to save him from getting eliminated. Vegeta is also going to motivate him to fight better, just like a true Saiyan. It is even said that Vegeta is going to give Cabba a good beating just go get him powered up enough. However, Frieza is not going to get amused by how Vegeta saved an opponent, so he is going to kind of torture Cabba.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Release Date 

Dragon Ball Super episode 112 is currently expected to air on October 22, 2017. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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