Things are going to get really serious in the next few episodes of Dragon Ball Super and this is currently the very reason why fans are craving to see more. The upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super is going to be the best on yet as it will be a one hour-special episode and it will feature the content from episode 109 and 110. In addition to this, fans will get to see Goku’s most epic battle of the entire tournament in the said episode. Here are the spoilers and release date of Dragon Ball Super episode 109 and 110.

With all the fights taking place in the Tournament of Power, fans are currently looking forward to Goku Vs. Jiren. Recently, twitter user Todd Blankenship @Herms98 managed to reveal the spoilers for Dragon Ball Super episode 109 and 110, and those spoilers are enough for fans to get excited for the upcoming episode.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 and 110 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super episode 109 and 110 are titled as “Strongest Enemy Approaches Goku! Fire it Now! Sure-kill Spirit Bomb!” and “This is the Ultimate Battle of All Universes! Son Goku vs Jiren!!” respectively. In them, a serious fight between two strong fighters will take place, but before that, Goku will take care of his ongoing fight with Ribrianne. Gohan will also continue fighting his battle, and Ribrianne will do almost anything to defeat her opponent. She is currently trying her best to survive till the end because if she is defeated, her dream of becoming a goddess of humanity will be shattered. Because of this dream inside her heart, she is going to go all out against Goku with hope to take him down. Meanwhile, another strong enemy is going to prepare to fight Goku.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 109

As we all know, the warrior from Universe 11, Jiren hasn’t engaged in a fight for some time now. However, he is now ready to take on Goku and go all out against him. It is currently said that Goku’s Kaio-Ken x20 and Super Saiyan Blue form will be useless against Jiren, because of which Goku will be forced to form a Spirit Bomb. But instead of hitting Jiren with the Spirit Bomb, Goku is going to absorb it, leading him to his newest transformation. It will be without any doubt, interesting to see how Goku will fight against Jiren in his new form.

How Strong Jiren Is? 

Aside from all this, fans are currently really curious about one thing. Almost every fan is wondering exactly how strong Jiren is? We already know that Jiren is the strongest fighter from Universe 11 and is yet to show his full strength. A few episodes back, Goku got the chance to test his skills, but sadly, Toppo interfered in their battle. However, now, fans will finally get to see how strong Jiren is as he will go all out against Goku in episode 109.

As mentioned above, Goku is going to use Kaioken x20 against Jiren, but he will be able to counter it easily. Even Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue form will be useless against him. This is the very reason why fans are left wondering how powerful Jiren the Gray is. Previously, when Universe 7 was gathering fighters to represent its team in the Tournament of Power, Whis revealed it to Goku that there exists a mortal who is stronger than a God of Destruction. He further revealed that the God of Destruction of the universe from where the mortal is from is way stronger than Beerus. Currently, as Jiren is considered as the strongest fighter, he might be the very mortal Whis was talking about.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 and 110 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super episode 109 and 110 will air on October 8. Keep in mind here that episode 109 and 110 will be merged into a single episode, so they will air on the same day.

Excited to see how Goku will fight Jiren? Let us know in the comments below.

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