Now that Master Roshi has defeated Ganos, fans are desperately waiting to know what will happen next. The release date for Dragon Ball Super episode 106 is currently scheduled for September 3, 2017, and SaiyanIsland has managed to reveal its spoilers. According to them, a mysterious sniper is going to become a huge threat for both Piccolo and Gohan. Below is what is expected to happen in Dragon Ball Super episode 106.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 106 Spoilers 

The next episode in the Dragon Ball Super series, episode 106 is titled as “Find it Out! Death Match Against an Unseen Attacker!!” and in it, Piccolo and Gohan are going to be seen fighting against Dr. Rota from Universe 6. However, out of nowhere, Dr. Rota will be shot by an unknown person and will get defeated in an instant. The master and student, Piccolo and Gohan are then going to engage in a battle against someone who is nowhere to be found.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 106

Seeing that Piccolo and Gohan are having a hard time against this mysterious shooter, Tien will step up and try to find the enemy’s location by using some special attack. Soon after Vegeta realizes that the mysterious shooter can become a massive threat to everyone, especially to his team, he will try to find and defeat him too. At first, the Prince of Saiyans will underestimate the shooter, but will then realize what he should do. The shooter won’t leave a trace and will have an unknown shooting method. It will be without any doubt, interesting to see how Piccolo, Gohan, Tien, and Vegeta will manage to locate and defeat the mysterious shooter.

Which Universe do you think the shooter is from? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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