Dragon Ball Super episode 104 was aired two days ago, and episode 105 is scheduled to arrive on August 27, 2017. Thanks to Todd Blankenship, we now know what the episode is going to feature. It seems that the character who didn’t get the spotlight in the previous episodes, Master Roshi is going to risk his life in the ongoing Tournament of Power. Below are the spoilers for Dragon Ball Super episode 105.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 105

Dragon Ball Super Episode 105 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super episode 105 is titled as “A Desperate Battle! Master Roshi’s Sacrifice!” and in it, Master Roshi is finally going to get out of the sidelines and engage in a fight against someone. According to the official spoilers, he is to go against the fighters from Universe 4. The preview clip of episode 105 can be seen below, in which Roshi is seen in action for the first time in the Tournament of Power.

Reportedly, the fighters from Universe 4 are going to step up and challenge Master Roshi as soon as he gets ready to fight. Goku will try to ask him whether he is willing to risk his life, and will also advise him not to die. After Roshi is done listening to Goku, he is going to engage in a fight against Caway. Although Quitela is the leader of Universe 4’s team, he is going to assign the team to Caway against Master Roshi. As Caway knows the weakness of Master Roshi, she is going to use Sex Appeal against him. After Roshi is distracted by the attack Caway is going to use, Goku to rush towards him to help. However, it is said that someone from Universe 2 is going to stop him from saving Master Roshi.

Will Goku manage to reach Roshi before he gets defeated? Let us know in the comments below.


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