“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 100-101 summaries are out and they have revealed some stunning insights about the “Tournament of Power.” The focus would be on Goku, Jiren and their fight with the different Universes. Check out details!

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 100 Summary, Spoilers

According to Inquisitr, the recently released summaries of the upcoming two episodes reveal that Kale from Universe 6 will survive the combat against Jiren from the Universe 11 which would be quite surprising to many. In these anime episodes, Goku will join hands with the Universe 6 Saiyans to fight against Master Roshi and Pride Troopers.

Incidentally, Master Roshi is the oldest surviving fighter in the tournament and he will surprise everyone in the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 100-101 by performing well.  The translated summary for the “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 100 titled, “Out Of Control! The Savage Berserker Awankens!!!” features Kale, the legendary Super Saiyan from Universe 6 going berserk after she is triggered by the interaction between Caulifla and Goku.

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

Kale suddenly transforms into Super Saiyan and starts mowing down one contestant after the other even ignoring the voice of her friend Caulifla. However, Jiren suddenly turns up and defeats Kale. After seeing the strength of Jiren, Son Goku cannot stop himself from fighting with him in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 100.

Kale To Survive Jiren’s Attack In ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 101

In the next episode 101 titled, “The Warriors of Justice Close In! Pride Troopers!!!” Kale though defeated will not die and will survive the attack from Jiren. Now, Kale will be joined by Caulifla and Goku who will fight the Pride of Troopers (Jiren) of the Universe 11 together.

Instead of fighting himself, Jiren sends five of his Pride Troopers comrades like Kahseral after Goku and his group in “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 101.  The anime series airs in Japan every morning on Sundays and in the West fans can watch it through online streaming services such as Crunchyroll and FunimationNow.


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