Those who have been eagerly waiting for Dragon Ball Fusions to arrive will be glad to know that they will be able to get their hands on the game sooner than expected. The game was previously set to release in December, but it will now release it just a day away.

Dragon Ball Fusions To Release Earlier Than The Actual Release Date

Dragon Ball Fusions was scheduled to release on December 13, 2016. However, Bandai Namco has now decided to release it three weeks earlier, on November 22 in the US. One thing to keep in mind here is that this is for the US only, meaning that it will still release in February 2017 in the UK. So Bandai Namco’s decision will make fans living in the US happy, but will really disappoint those who live in the UK.

Dragon Ball Fusions

Bandai Namco is without any doubt, making a lot of fans happy by releasing the game early. It’s kind of the best holiday gift from them. The report is that instead of delaying the game, Bandai Namco decided to release it early in the North American region.

Dragon Ball Fusions Early Release Date Is Because Of Thanksgiving Holiday? 

Many fans are wondering what made Bandai Namco change their mind and release the game early in the US. However, the reason behind their decision is not revealed and they are yet to comment on this sudden change of plans. Rumor is that the game arriving earlier than expected has something to do with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. As it will release before Black Friday happens, it will most probably sell better than it should had in the middle of December. Whatever the case is, they without any doubt made their fans happy. Those in the UK shouldn’t get too much disappointed as Bandai Namco might announce an early release date for them too.

Dragon Ball Fusions Release Date

Dragon Ball Fusions will be now released for the Nintendo 3DS on November 22, 2016, in the US. It was previously scheduled to release on the 13th of December, but Bandai Namco has now decided to release it earlier. It is an Action-RPG title, meaning players will be able to combine their fighting skills, customize their characters and collect various items while they explore the universe. The game focuses on the much popular fusion technique, which combines the power of two people. Players will be able to discover what will happen if Krillin is fused with Piccolo or Tienshinhan is fused with Chiaotzu. So the game will definitely get players hooked.

Let us know if you’re excited for Dragon Ball Fusions or not in the comments below.


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