Dragon Age might be getting a Tactical RPG spin-off, at least if BioWare’s survey is anything to go by. Last week, BioWare developer Mark Darrah asked “Would you play a Dragon Age Tactics game?” and left a poll. Here come the results.


After asking the below question on Twitter, Darrah clarified that by Tactics he meant similar to Fire Emblem or XCOM (and, presumably, like Final Fantasy Tactics).

The poll featured 4 options: ‘Yes’, ‘No’, ‘Only on PC’ and ‘Only on Mobile/Handheld’. Over the week, the poll garnered a total of 12,415 replies and the results are now in. An overwhelming 49% said Yes to a Dragon Age Tactics game, followed by a 23% saying they will only the play the game on a PC, then a 22% saying they won’t play the game under any circumstances, and finally a 6% saying they’d only play it on Mobile or Handheld devices.

As for me, I’m definitely hyped for a Dragon Age Tactics game, perhaps even more so than a regular Dragon Age game. Give me that turn-based, tile-grid tactical gameplay any day of the week, especially if it is married to BioWare-style storytelling and the graphics capabilities of the Frostbite Engine.

Of course, BioWare has made no official announcements regarding a Dragon Age Tactics game, so even if it is indeed happening, it would be a ways off. Don’t get your hopes up, but do keep your fingers crossed.


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