Microsoft has recently released a new Windows 10 Redstone preview build, however, this new version can be availed only by the users who have opted for the program to get preview builds or have registered for it.

There is also an alternative of clean installation option to get this new build but it is a little cumbersome and involves users to convert the ESD file provided by Microsoft into ISO files. This time some online users have already built the new Windows 10 build 14267 update ISO so this won’t be a big problem.

Windows 10 Redstone

This new update adds the choice for users to download the files through Microsoft Edge at different destinations. Earlier, this feature was not available in Microsoft Edge and users were left with no option but to download all sort of files at a common folder destination.

Cortana has also been updated for an easy music search. Favorites bar has also been improved by allowing users more options to organize their bookmarks. The Messaging app now supports pictures and allow users to share it instantly with their contacts.

This is just a preview version and Microsoft might release  the stable version of Windows 10 Redstone somewhere in the summer 2016. It would be a lot more improved than the ones currently available for users. Microsoft may also include support for browser extensions in Edge, which is already available in other popular browsers.

Users are skeptical of installing these third party ISOs but contrary to the popular belief they are not illegal because anyone can convert ESD update files provided by Microsoft into ISO files. So feel free to install this new build 14267 update released by Microsoft and enjoy the new Windows 10 Redstone view. You can download the update by clicking below “source” and “via” links.


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