If you are looking for Samsung USB drivers for Windows 10, you are on the right page. Whether your computer is using Windows 10 32-bit or Windows 10 64-bit, the driver for your Samsung device is the same on both versions of the operating system. In this article, we will help you download and install Samsung USB drivers on a Windows PC.


USB drivers are very important, as without it you won’t be able to connect your smartphone to your computer. Doesn’t matter you are going to use your smartphone for development, or to flash a custom firmware or to simply transfer files, without USB drivers these are not possible. Most of the smartphones install drivers onto your computer when you connect them for the first time. But over the time, they get outdated. This is why you need updated drivers. Without the latest drivers, problems might occur while performing root. Before rooting any device, it is always recommended to install the latest smartphone drivers. For Samsung devices, the USB drivers are available on their support website. Here’s how to download these:

How to Download Samsung USB Drivers

Drivers and device’s PC suite both are different for Windows and Mac computers. So, download these carefully according to your computers’ operating system.

1. Download Samsung USB Drivers from Official Website

Step 1. Go to the Samsung Download Centre using the web browser.

Step 2. Select your product type Mobile. If you know your smartphone’s model number, simply enter it. The model number is located on your smartphone’s packaging box and under its battery.

Download Samsung USB Drivers for Windows 10

Step 3. Select Phones.

Download Samsung USB Drivers for Windows 10

Step 4. Now, select your device. If it belongs to S series, click Galaxy S, Galaxy Note series owners, tap on Galaxy Note. If it is some other Samsung device, check under Other Android phones and Other Android Phones.

Download Samsung USB Drivers for Windows 10

Step 5. Locate your device model front the drop-down menu. After selecting it, click Confirm.

Download Samsung USB Drivers for Windows 10

Step 6. Scroll and find the USB file under Downloads section. Click Download. This step will download drivers for your selected Samsung device.

Download Samsung USB Drivers for Windows 10

2. Samsung USB Drivers Direct Download Link

Using this method, you can download Samsung USB Drivers by going to this link and clicking on the file name.


Download Kies and Smart Switch for Samsung Smartphones

Kies is a PC Companion or PC Suite, which can be used to manually update your phone’s firmware and transfer files to your computer. Smart Switch is another official Samsung software, using which you can transfer your files and contacts from any other smartphone to a Samsung device. Choose your computers’ operating system on links.

Download here:

Before getting root access or flashing custom firmware, it is very important to download the latest Samsung USB Driver for your computer. We hope we were able to help you locate and install them. If you are rooting your Galaxy smartphone, don’t forget to download Odin tool.


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