You need the Clash of Clans APK if you intend to play Clash of Clans on your device, and that has just been updated for Android (as well as on iOS). This update builds on yesterday’s May Update, which brings a number of changes to the game that we’ve previously covered. The latest update revision is 8.332.6, and the newest Clash of Clans APK file is already available for download.

Clash of Clans Skeleton Spell

While no specific details have been revealed about what the 8.332.6 APK update brings to the picture, we do know what the May Update has, which is included in this APK. Most prominently, it features Friendly Challenges, where you can fight your clanmates for no risk and no reward. You also have two new troops: The Miner and the Baby Dragon, and two new spells: the Skeleton Spell and the Clone Spell. There’s also new troop levels for a few troops in the game, which you can learn more about in our feature on the update here.

You can update Clash of Clans via Google Play Store, but in case you cannot, for whatever reason, you can also install the Clash of Clans 8.332.6 APK via the below-given source link and manually install it on your Android device. It’s best to stay updated! If you’ve downloaded the Clash of Clans APK for the May Update, let us know what you think about it in the comments below.


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