In case you use the BitTorrent client to download torrents, here’s a piece of news. The company has started a new service called BitTorrent that will be available on smartphones, tablets, and TVs. No, this isn’t another torrent client; it’s a video and music streaming service. It is something between Spotify and Netflix and offers on-demand music and video streaming mostly from unpopular artists.

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The BitTorrent Now app isn’t any way to get access to pirated content. This service is a legal way to get access to new content from upcoming, independent artists who want to show their work to the world. So yes, it’s a content-creator platform like YouTube and SoundCloud where the content will be paid as well as free or ad-supported.

We don’t know how different this new platform will be, as it is trying to compete with biggies like YouTube. What’s great about BitTorrent Now is that it offers music as well as video streaming, which is the only major thing differentiating it from others. Only time will tell whether people want to pay for content in the new service.

BitTorrent Now app is available on Android now and you can download BitTorrent Now APK from The app will be available for iOS and Apple TV soon.


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