Double Dragon 4 for PS4 and Steam was just announced recently. And a teaser trailer went up a few hours ago. A lot of gamers are still huge Double Dragon fans. And they were hyped for the new Double Dragon 4.

double dragon 4
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Double Dragon 4 will be releasing on the PS4 & Steam

We remember when Double Dragon hit the arcade. It made a big deal because the opening scene where Sylvia gets gut-punched. It blew our 1980’s minds. Then the co-op and fun beat-’em-up gameplay made it an arcade hit. Then we remember it coming to NES and people it at Toys R Us and loving the port. So much nostalgia for this series. Also, let’s not forget they made a movie. We can’t wait for this to drop. It looks promising.

A lot of people grew up with the NES games. Double Dragon neon was a huge disappointment to many. It seemed more like a parody of the series than anything to them. Excellent music, though. We all have really been wanting a new classic style Double Dragon game. And this looks lime exactly what we wanted. Hopefully, it’s really well done and not just a quick cash grab. We really hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Neon was fairly average. It strayed too far from the original games. The NES games were great as well. And this looks like a proper successor. The majority thought Neon wasn’t that great compared to the original games. Personally, we think they should have gone more like Super Double Dragon visuals over the NES type visuals.

Source: The Verge


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