With the debut of a completely redesigned in-game interface in DOTA 2, players gain increased vision of the map. And multiple new ways to see details of what’s happening in each game. Furthermore, the hero control console has been reworked to reduce its on-screen footprint. And allow space for the new Hero Talent interface and Backpack slots. Furthermore, information on other selected units now appears in a left-aligned pop-out to let you maintain hero control.

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DOTA 2 Update 7.00 changes things visually

Use the new simplified background option to help parse the minimap more quickly. Also, you can scale the minimap to a size of your liking. On the other hand, hold ALT to display health, mana, and buyback status of teammates. You can also target abilities by clicking on an allied hero’s top-bar portrait. Furthermore, you can view and adjust your settings without leaving the map.

With the side-aligned unit query, you can gather info on other heroes, units, and buildings without sacrificing any actions on your own hero. A legacy mode option is available. The shop view has been simplified and tailored to your hero. All suggested item builds have been updated to include each hero’s standard items plus a set of other recommended alternatives.

Courier logistics get complicated in the heat of battle. If you interrupt someone’s delivery, or just want to expedite a pickup, use the courier’s right-click menu to send it on the correct path. Items with a limited quantity now show available stock on their in-shop display.

Even with all these changes, you can still equip any favorite HUD skins from your inventory—they’ve been remapped to fit the new layout.


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