id Software’s Doom reboot is only 3 months away from release, and scant details are flowing in regarding its single player campaign. We previously learned that the game will be about 13 hours long, and now we have learned that the game will feature 17 levels. Take a look at the map names below.


DOOM, which will be releasing on a Friday the 13th, will feature a campaign that’s roughly 13 hours in length (appropriate, given the 13 motif). We know this thanks to the game’s official Twitter account:

The new details come to us from datamining of the game’s Alpha build. This means that the below list may not be one hundred percent accurate, but we expect it to be, for the most part, as these are details gleaned right from the game’s files. Here’s the complete list:

  • argent_tower
  • bfg_division
  • blood_keep
  • blood_keep_b
  • electro_tower
  • genesis_surface
  • hangar
  • intro
  • lazarus
  • olympia_engineering
  • olympia_shipyard
  • olympia_surface_west
  • polar_core
  • resource_ops
  • resource_ops_foundry
  • surface
  • titan

The game’s single player campaign is expected to feature a mix of sci-fi, industrial environments along with hellish landscapes, much like the original game from 1993, and these level names certainly fit the theme.

DOOM will be releasing on May 13th, 2016 and comes developed by id Software, the studio behind the original Doom. The game will release on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



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