Playing Doom on PC but wish you could tweak it a little more than what the developers allow? You can, thanks to the wonders of a bunch of special launch parameters, courtesy Rock Paper Shotgun. Here’s what you need to do.


Before you begin, right-click on the Doom entry in your Steam Library, and go to Properties. Under the General tab (which should already be open), you’ll find a little button at the bottom saying “Set launch options…”. Click it, and type in the commands below. Be sure to not use quotes, and to leave a space after before every new command (except the first one, obviously).

First up, to skip intro videos, which should honestly be a built in option for every game, you need to add the following command: “+com_skipIntroVideo”. To enable the Nightmare difficulty mode without having to first slog through the game at a lower difficulty mode (why settle for less!) use the command “+menu_advanced_AllowAllSettings 1”. To turn off the mouse smoothing in the game – another option that should be in the game – use the command “+set m_smooth 0”.

Finally, if you’d like to skip the “press a key to continue” prompts at the end of loading screens, Doom offers you a special option there as well. Enter the command “+com_skipKeyPressOnLoadScreens 1”. Very spiffy. Have you found any more commands that are worth mentioning? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.


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