4K gaming on the Xbox Scorpio is a “waste of resources” according to DOOM’s lead renderer programmer Tiago Sousa. Here we discuss that idea and our opinions on it.


Is Doom developer right about 4K gaming on Xbox Scorpio?

We completely agree with Doom developer’s opinion. 4k uses too much power and while the results are unrivaled clarity, the trade-off isn’t worth it. We’d much rather have ALL games run 60fps with 8x MSAA and whatever graphical upgrades they can achieve after that. 4k isn’t ready until it can be done easily. Considering a lot of GPUs can easily hit 60fps with max settings and high AA, but struggled hitting 50fps with max settings and no AA at 4k we’re inclined to disagree. that 4K might use less power.

On the other hand, we’d like to see it as an option between playing 1080/60 or 4k/30-60, depending what the system can handle on a game to game basis. So, it should really be able to scale similar to a PC at this point. Console P.R. and game development just shouldn’t mix in our opinion. We hope there’s no game government that’s going to be dictating how they use the assets. That’s just wrong.

1080p, 60fps, with extremely good graphics needs to be the standard. Why go for 4K now when we won’t get much of a difference in key areas that really improve the visual quality of a game and the gameplay? 4K should be targeted when hardware can achieve high-quality assets and 60fps with relatively affordable hardware. Developers need to focus on HDR. Much better than 4K, uses less power from the console, and can still keep up very strong framerates and visuals. While we do prefer to play at 60FPS, there are certain games where the difference between 30 and 60 is not as noticeable, as the experience is what drives the game rather than fast fluid movement. In those situations, we would probably switch to a higher Resolution than faster frame rate.


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