Of late, DOOGEE MIX has become popular in the smartphone market. Bezel-less design and premium specs have made it a “dark horse” this month. Now we have some information indicating that its price will insanely be around $200. If the news is valid, it will be half of Mi MIX or Samsung Galaxy S8’s price (over $500).

Amazing price, yet DOOGEE MIX is not a low-end product

One of the key specs is the bezel-less design. Some see it as a variant of Mi MIX. However, DOOGEE MIX is not as aggressive as Mi or Samsung in many aspects. Instead, DOOGEE claims to be inspired by Nokia and Sharp, who have launched some prototype of bezel-less smartphones three or four years ago.

There are some major differences in DOOGEE MIX. First of all, it keeps a slim receiver on the top instead of Mi’s cantilever piezoelectric ceramics acoustic technology – the latter has had its fair share of issues with its indistinct and amplifier-like effect. Another improvement DOOGEE MIX boasts of is a front fingerprint on its chin, which is more popular than the rear one on Samsung. DOOGEE MIX sports dual cameras in the rear, carrying a 16MP super slim sensor and 8MP assistant camera.


DOOGEE MIX is designed as the world’s smallest full display smartphone. MIX stands for mini plus max, a minimum body with a maximum screen. It features a 5.5”Samsung Super AMOLED screen in iPhone 6 size comparable body. You can also compare it with the 6.4”Mi MIX or 5.7”Samsung Galaxy S8.

The hands-on models of DOOGEE MIX in HongKong are quite the same as in the photo, showing two colors of dazzle black and blue. Another version of light blue has also been released, seemingly the final version is not determined now.

Other information about DOOGEE MIX hints at a premium processor. Rumors talk about DOOGEE MIX housing the powerful Helio P25 with 4GB/6GB of RAM and 64GB/128GB internal storage. There will be allegedly a high-end version housing Helio X30.

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According to the information we have now, we presume DOOGEE MIX is quite a high-end product. And owing to the consistent low-price tradition of DOOGEE, the $200 price is convincing. It’s a competitive price compared to the limited Mi MIX or the pricey Samsung. The smartphone will go on sale in May.