It has been a couple days since the recently chosen American president, Donald Trump, has requested a 90-day boycott to any individual who tries to enter the United States. This for, the most part, applied to individuals from seven Muslim-majority nations. These include Iraq, Somalia, Libra, Iran, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

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Some GDC participants will be not able make it because of Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban

The coordinators of the Game Developers Conference, a public expo gaming tradition held each year, have pronounced their resistance. They have declared their opposition of the official order that President Trump signed. On Twitter, the official GDC account has posted that they are “frightened” by the executive order. Moreover, they additionally said they will discount those influenced participants. Furthermore, they also said that they will keep on fighting for “inclusivity”.

A previous PlayStation official and right now an indie developer, Shahid Ahmad, chose not to go to the current year’s Game Developers Conference. The current year’s GDC will occur in San Francisco at the Moscone Center one month from now – February 27 to March 3. The executive order has effectively influenced gaming traditions, for example, GDC. It has additionally influenced significantly more of the current year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Regardless of the possibility that the executive order applies to just those particular nations specified above, it has as of now made a considerable measure of mayhem in the U.S.

Source: Twitter


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