Legend of Zelda is one popular game series that has never stayed out of the buzz. Its 19th edition, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has already been applauded by gamers for its incredibly well-written storyline and seemingly unending gameplay. A seemingly infinite number of main and side quests, each full of incredibly strong villains and equally powerful weapons like Master Sword, secret Chicken Weapons and the intricately laid out realms have all contributed in making this game win the title of “best game ever to be released” by a number of critics.

Legend Of Zelda (courtesy- Nintendo)

For beginners, the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild may seem a frustrating and lousy game because of rusty and slow weapons you get in the initial stages. The first sword you get breaks down after a few swings in a combat. The trick to ace the Breath of the Wild is to switch between different weapons and try to find out which weapon is best to finish off a particular genus of an enemy. The game is designed to test the reflex response of a gamer’s brain.

Those who have already tried their hands on Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have become fans of the Master Sword. It is a handy weapon to take down a pack of enemies in a close combat. In the Hyrule, Master Sword is said to have the power of breaking the eternal darkness.  However, most gamers are still confused if they should use the Master Swords to take down puisne villains or save it for the final boss.

Will Master Sword Stay With You Throughout The Game?

Master Sword (courtesy Nintendowire)
Master Sword (courtesy Nintendowire)

Relax! Master Sword will stay with you throughout your journey in the game. It becomes unavailable only after a continuous use which depletes the energy of the Master Sword. After the cool down period is over the sword will be ready for swinging at annoyingly powerful enemies.

The Sword can be found in the Korok Forest. Once you enter the Korok forest, you have to pay attention to every detail and look out for the Hero’s Sword Quest to get your hands on this mighty Master Sword.


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