Marvel studios has been reliable in terms of entertainment, action, story line, great pick of star cast, and most importantly, the ability to match the expectation of the audience. But the best part is the delivery of mystery in the post credit scenes and since the latest deal of Marvel id Dr. Strange, it has tempted fans in two peculiar ways, which is enthralling in again two different ways and we will detail both of them in two simple ways.


A chit chat with Thor: Well nobody expected Thor to be in Dr. Strange as he is incredibly busy with the business of finding his father who is trapped in a twisted game of Loki on earth. The exchange of questions from Asgardians and answers with warnings from Dr. Strange is the exact reason of the crossover. Dr. Strange warns Thor of the chances of potential damage to earth because of Asgard’s adopted son. This news piece was again confirmed by as the scene somewhere belongs to the third installment of Thor i.e. Ragnarok and also is a possible event in Avengers: Infinity War. Too much to handle.

The complicated steal of Jonathan Pangborn magic: Dr. Strange has a strange enmity with Karl Mordo as depicted in the comic books, and Karl Mordo lives in a complicated personality. He makes eliminating sorcerers his primary goal and chooses to opt out of serving The Ancient One after knowing that it used the dark dimension powers.

Dr. Strange has instantly connected with the parallel Marvel universe and has made his presence deeply felt and required by the other humans who acts as gods. What we wait to see is the unexpected and fascinating crossovers.


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