Does Attack of the Clones ring a bell? Yes, the famous (or the infamous?) Star Wars episode. While the battle continues between DJI Mavic and Go Pro Karma, each has their own pros and cons when it comes to Camera capabilities, flight control, physical dimensions, pricing and availability. To spice things up, Mediakix has revealed a set of stunning infographics that paint a clear picture about the drones’ capabilities.

The infographics reveal everything you ever wanted in terms of comparison of the two drones – basic specifications, camera, flight, remote control, case, price, and availability. When it comes to basic specifications, DJI Mavic is lighter, weighing just 1.62lbs as compared to Go Pro Karma’s 2.22lbs. It also beats Karma in folded dimensions. When it comes to max service ceiling, Mavic boasts of 16404ft while Karma boasts a decent 14500ft. Mavic is clearly ahead of Karma in terms of maximum speed – 40mph vs 35mph and also takes the lead in maximum flight time – an extra 7 minutes over and above the flight time of Karma.

drone_0 drones_1

drones_2 drones_3 drone_4


When it comes to the camera, Karma may have some advantages. For example, Karma comes with a removable camera while Mavic doesn’t. Karma also sports a removable gimbal; Mavic doesn’t. Karma takes the lead when it comes to electronic image stabilization, which the Mavic seems to be lacking. The Karma also comes with an additional GoPro Plus Account (offering cloud storage plus editing apps) free trial while the Mavic doesn’t offer any such goodies.

It’s the flight department where Mavic leads the Attack of Drones hands down. With obstacle avoidance, follow feature, automation, and Indoor flying, Mavic clearly takes the lead. All these features are lacking in Karma. What’s more, Karma doesn’t specifically have any obstacle sensory range while the Mavic offers 2ft – 49ft precision measurement range and 49ft – 98ft detectable range. Even when it comes to camera, Mavic fares better. With a higher screen resolution (1080p vs Karma’s 720p) and features like Smartphone pairing, Mavic takes the lead.

The case offered by GoPro and DJI for the drones look to be of similar quality and are designed to best suit for the drone dimensions. When it comes to pricing, you get drone + remote control + GoPro HERO5 Session when you order Karma for $999, while for the same $999 you get only the drone + remote control for DJI Mavic.

Overall, both drones have their own pros and cons. While it’s difficult to declare the winner of the Attack of Drones, it does look like DJI Mavic beats Go Pro Karma in more departments than the Karma beats Mavic. What do you think about the battle of drones? Do you prefer GoPro Karma or the DJI Mavic? Post your thoughts in the comments section!


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