DJI Mavic Pro was one of the best drones released during 2016. Great features, amazing design, solid camera, compact size, along with a solid price made the DJI Mavic Pro a best seller. It seems DJI didn’t expect for the sales to be so strong since the company had massive shipment problems as soon as the drone got released.


Recently, estimated shipping of the Mavic Pro changed to just 5-7 days, at least on the DJI’s website. As you probably remember, estimated shipment dates were weeks after the purchase. DJI finally solved the problem, but if you ordered the drone before DJI solved shipment problems chances are you’ll have to wait for weeks for it to be delivered.

Also, if you ordered the DJI Mavic Pro from one of the third-party retailers, shipment dates are likely to not change. Amazon placed delivery dates in February, but some users claim the dates disappeared altogether. Further, many users who ordered the drone from other third-party sellers report that they waited for months before the drone was shipped, if it even got shipped.

At the moment, Amazon lists the drone with a release date of March 20, while Apple lists it with estimated shipping of 8-10 weeks. For now, the only safe way to get the DJI Mavic Pro in days instead of weeks or months is to buy it from DJI’s site. Past buyers will probably have to wait longer, but since DJI finally managed to produce enough drones to cover its orders it is just a matter of time before other sellers reduce shipping times for the drone.


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