When DJI launched the awe-inspiring, stunning foldable drone, it was widely touted as the GoPro Karma Killer. DJI’s latest drone has all that it needs to battle it out with GoPro Karma. The Mavic Pro fits comfortably in a standard-sized backpack, taking the concept of foldable drones to the next level. The drone is responsive, agile and easily soars at speeds of up to 40 miles per hours. It features a 12MP camera, shoots 4K at 30fps and 1080p at 96fps.

dji mavic pro

Since its launch, this has been the most talked about drone in the industry. It clearly beats GoPro Karma hands down when it comes to flight capabilities. With features like obstacle avoidance, follow feature, automation and Indoor flying, Mavic takes the lead in the flight department. These features are so good and so awesome that people have been trying to get their hands on the DJI Mavic as soon as possible. Unfortunately, DJI wasn’t able to meet the demand for the Mavic Pro and the company is still struggling to ship units to all those who had pre-ordered the drone.

No More Waiting Time, Expect Your Drone in Seven Weeks

DJI, in its forum, has apologized to customers for delays in delivering the new Mavic Pro. The company said that while it began accepting pre-orders it expected to deliver the first units in mid-October. However, ramping up production to full speed at top quality took longer than expected. The company encountered an issue integrating a part into the Mavic Pro, causing a week’s delay. Also, the internal systems didn’t quite keep up with the demand for Mavic Pro. The demand for Mavic Pro beat their expectations and soon the company found itself staring at the demand-supply gap.

DJI is now working diligently to ramp up production to meet the higher-than-expected demand for the Mavic Pro.  Those who ordered the drone before November 3, 2016, should get it within next six to seven weeks. Several customers have expressed concern about immediate billing of pre-orders. The company announced on the forum that it is examining potential alternatives with payment provider and will soon come up with a solution.

The DJI Mavic Pro is one drone you should definitely consider buying. It can be controlled either with a smartphone or with the dedicated controller. You can also mount the controller on a smartphone for better viewing experience. The controller features built-in control sticks that assist the drone in avoiding obstacles. The obstacle avoidance feature prevents the drone from crashing into things and provides tactile feedback to the controller to warn when the drone is likely to hit an obstacle. The new Flight Autonomy Guidance System – gives the drone an edge in the flight department.


The best thing about DJI is that it has honestly communicated the status to its customers, putting all speculations at rest. It has acknowledged that it hasn’t been able to keep up with increasing demands and that it is working harder than ever to ramp up productions to meet order deadlines. It also mentioned that the enthusiasm shown by customers for its latest drone continues to spur the company to improve. We all know how important it is to communicate such important information to customers, especially when orders are getting delayed. By honestly explaining the situation to customers, DJI has made it clear that it values its customers and will do everything to get the drones delivered at the earliest. Good work, DJI!


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