Ubisoft’s open world title, Tom Clancy’s The Division will be getting an update next week which will focus on Weapon Balance. Today, on the official blog of The Division, the developers shared some details regarding this update through which we get to know what is being changed and why.

According to Ubisoft, an SMG and a Marksman Rifle is the most used weapon combination in the game due to which they are now being used unequally among players. Because AUG, Vector, and MP5 can be acquired through Dark Zone blueprints, these three are the most used weapons in the SMG family.

The Division

Thus in order to bring weapon balance between players, Ubisoft will be making the following changes in The Division through Update 1.3 which is due next week.

  • SMGs now have a crit hit damage bonus rather than crit hit chance. It is much harder to reach a higher critical hit chance now, and you will have to make more stat choices when selecting gear in order to take advantage of the new bonus.
  • LMGs receive a bonus that increases their damage to targets out of cover by about 25%. The design of LMGs is to force people into cover and control areas with their large magazine sizes.
  • Shotguns receive a stagger bonus against NPC. When shooting targets, you have a high chance of causing them to stumble and lose their balance. This will not affect other players, however. Shotguns are also receiving a buff to their base damage that scales with the weapon’s level and up to a maximum of 30%.
  • Assault Rifles receive a bonus to enemy armor damage. This allows Assault Rifles to be a powerful weapon in PVE situations.
  • No changes were made to the bonus on Marksman Rifles

Along with this, The Division’s next update will also add new guns to the game, that are the Showstopper (a fully automatic shotgun), the G36, the SVD and the SMG, PP-19. The update will release on June 28, 2016 for PC and Xbox One and on August 2 for the PS4.

Tom Clancy’s The Division was released on March 8, 2016 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It was one of the most anticipated games of 2016.

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