According to a State of the Game Twitch stream, the developers of The Division have confirmed that the game’s Phoenix Credits cap will be increased to 2,000. This means that players can now hold 2,000 Phoenix Credits at a time, maximum. The developers also hinted that we might learn of the update’s release date next week.


According to the source VG247, there will be several other changes to the game, but no changes will be made to the weapons directly. Instead, the update will focus on gears and talents. The Brutal talent will be nerfed, for example, and the Balanced talent will now allow for quick scoping. The Forced talent with Sentry Gear Set will change, while the Reckless talent has been tweaked to “work properly”, whatever that means.

Armour cap has been upped to 75 percent, and a VoIP indicator will now be seen on the game’s user interface. The next Incursion mission to be added to the game is presently titled Broken Circle, but is scheduled to be renamed soon. It will have a suggested Gear Score of 150, identical to Falcon Lost.

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If you’re holding out on tweaks to the weapons of The Division, Massive has indicated that they will look into a dedicated update for weapons at some point after update 1.2 comes out, and that it will affect all weapon types. Let us know what you think in the comments below.