Following The Division’s latest free Incursions update, players have found a number of glitches that can be exploited to break the game and get rewards for low effort. Ubisoft Massive has taken a strong stance against this, and has stated that just as the first exploits discovered after the update were fixed, the new exploits will also be fixed. The newest exploit discovered in Incursions allows players to play the Incusion challenge over and over again.

The Division Free Update

Ubisoft has also announced punishments and rewards for players: punishments for those who used the exploit (apparently it breaks Ubisoft’s code of conduct), and rewards for those who had to deal with issues involving their backpacks or characters getting deleted. Those who faced these issues will be rewarded with 500 Phoenix Credits, and 10 each of High-End Electronics, Tools, Fabrics, Weapon Parts and Division Tech. Not bad.

The game has also been missing its dailies for a number of days recently, and to compensate, Ubisoft will give away 150 Phoenix Credits to each player who logs into the game this weekend. This sounds like a pretty great incentive to dive into the game this weekend, if you ask me.

What do you think of Ubisoft’s juggling of fixes, punishments and rewards? Let us know in the comments below.


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