If you’re playing Tom Clancy’s The Division (or anyone’s The Division, for that matter), chances are you need a big gun to carry you through the day, particularly if you enjoy the prospect of walking around in the Dark Zone like you’re in a Western. Here’s how you can get high-end weaponry.


The easiest way to get yourself some high-end weapons is to salvage loot crates. Take your time and pick up all the drops in the Dark Zone. It takes a bit of luck, but the more you check loot crates, the more your chances of getting lucky.

Next up is when you encounter a named enemy. Enemies with names are usually a lot more powerful and difficult to take down. If you do beat them, you can get their weapon. Of course, chances are, you may not get a weapon, and instead a piece of armour or such.

You can also craft your own high-end weapons, but this is a very time-consuming way to go about things. Keep an eye out for blueprints, and make sure you keep your high-end materials with you.

Dark Zone vendors can sell you high-end gear in exchange for high-end money, so if you manage to save up a lot of money, go ahead and saunter into the Dark Zone. Two interesting weapons you can get from vendors are the Caduceus Rifle and the Cassidy Shotgun. Check out the video at the bottom of this post to find out how you can get them.


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