The Division community team hosts a weekly stream. In the recent stream, they mentioned all the new changes coming to the game such as PS4 Pro support and Dark Zone Leaderboards. The Division now has support for the PS4 Pro and the game renders UI at 4K. But are the new changes being made in the right place?

the division patch 1.4
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The Division now supports PS4 Pro

So the developers state that the gap between hardcore and mediocre players is massive (no pun intended). And that ”it shouldn’t be that way” then the question would be; well, then should gear even matter? Because at this rate, gear is extremely abundant. Therefore gear isn’t necessarily what determines a fight, it’s how you play that determines whether or not you win a fight.

Anyway, back to our suggestion for the ”20 years of experience” devs in the weekly stream video. Please explain how you can manage to only suggest that leaderboards are such a great thing for PVP when that’s not the only aspect of PVP. Like not once did we hear you guys mention anything else other than leaderboards in this 30 minutes of conversation. For a team who’s had 20 years of experience in PVP you should be talking about other aspects. A quick research of Red Storm studios shows that 95% of the content they have produced has been Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six. Both titles are not known for PvP. Those of you who have played any of them would know their PvP wasn’t praised.

SO to the point: What we suggest, is changing up the World Tiers in the Division. By changing we mean putting all players with a 256 GS in World Tier 5. After a period of time, either have players be de-ranked, or rank up, or stay where they are. This allows a filtration of mediocre players to hardcore. Thus making gear as important as your PvP skills. Otherwise, what in the hell is the point of making it easier for mediocre players to compete with the top tier players.


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