Massive Entertainment has acknowledged that they are aware of missing daily missions in The Division and that they are looking into a ‘permanent solution’ for this ‘recurring problem’. The latter bit references the fact that this isn’t even the first time daily missions have been skipped: they previously went missing in April.

The Division

The last time The Division missed its daily missions, it was due to a bug that required a patch to fix. To compensate, Massive also doled out Phoenix Credits to affected players shortly after. It is unclear where players will be compensated for the skipped daily missions this time around, and Massive has also been quiet regarding what has caused the daily missions to be skipped in the first place.

Twitter and the Internet in general, however, have been less than forgiving to Massive and Ubisoft, with responses to the above tweet calling the game “broken”, “a horrible game”, “pathetic”, and so on. Defenders of the game appear to have become an endangered species. Apart from missed daily missions, the game has also been panned recently for an abundance of hackers and cheaters in the game, as well as a number of exploits and glitches that are being taken advantage of.

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