Ubisoft will be releasing a new update for The Division as early as next week. While we don’t have details yet on what the update will include, we do know that Ubisoft Massive has previously talked about tweaking the Dark Zone, amongst other changes.

The Division

Over on the latest State of the Game blog post, The Division’s dev team writes, “The game may have just released but we already have a new update for you to dive into! This will be in your hands next week and fear not, more information about it will be revealed very soon so keep your eyes peeled.”

No details are given just yet, but we will update the site as details arrive. Free updates will continue to stream into the game through April an May, with paid DLC for the game coming out later in the summer.

Earlier in a livestream, however, Ubisoft Massive’s community developer Hamish Bode mentioned that the studio is aware of Dark Zone’s balancing problems and will be focusing on adjusting the game to balance things out better. During the event, Bode was asked about high-level gear that might be available later, to which he simply teased, “There are surprises to come.”

The Division is available now on the PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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