Tom Clancy’s The Division just got its new update 1.1, titled the Incursions update because it adds brand new Incursions missions to the game. Apart from this though, the update adds a lot to the game, including special gear sets that give you special set bonuses. Each gear set will give you a unique boost, so there should definitely be one to fit your play style.

The Division Free Update

The Striker’s Battlegear Gear Set gives you bonuses for assault skills and is perfect for assault and offensive gameplay. The Tactician’s Authority Gear Set improves your support capabilities and enhances electronics in the game. The Sentry’s Call Gear Set improves your shooting capabilities, enhancing your marksmanship. Finally, the enigmatically named Path of the Nomad is perfect for lone wanderers, making it particularly useful in the Dark Zone.

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The key to taking full advantage of these gear sets is to find the one that matches your playstyle and working towards getting the equipment for it. Alternately, you can use the gear sets to complement your weaknesses. Either way, if you’re wondering where you can get each gear set, Reddit users t149 and cmm324 have you covered as they’ve datamined the game’s files. Have a look at their Reddit post to find out where you can find every component of every set.