Tom Clancy’s The Division will soon be getting a free content update that will add a new mode called Incursions which should provide a fair bit of more end-game content. Apart from the new mode, expect new gear sets and weapons. Thanks to a new livestream from Ubisoft, we have new information on what to expect from the update.

The Division Free Update

Incursions will be set underground, below the streets of Manhattan, where you’ll find strong enemies and absolutely no checkpoints. The first Incursion is titled Falcon Lost, and it’s a firefight versus the Last Man Battalion. The Last Man Battalion is the toughest enemy in the base game to begin with, but in Incursions, you will also have to go up against enemy drones and other new enemies.

There will also be a new matchmaking system: this time, players will be teamed up based on their gear level. The game will automatically scan your inventory if you access Incursion (at which point you have to be level 30 any way). You can also modify the difficulty of your Incursion run, from Hard to Challenge. You do need a minimum gear level to access the Challenge difficulty, however.

There will also be gear sets, and the ability to trade items with members of your group. The Dark Zone will also get supply drops every hour now, containing high-level gear. What do you think of the coming free update? Let us know in the comments below.


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