Files for Tom Clancy’s The Division have been datamined, revealing quite a bit of new information, especially about how game’s loot is dropping. The data can be found at BitBucket over here, and it’s all pretty big. Luckily for us, Reddit user Ced23Ric has boiled things down to what’s important.

The Division

It turns out that Scavenging adds only a 10 percent chance for a third item to drop from chests. It does not affect material chests and crates, but it does cause unnamed mobs to drop better loot. Over in Falcon Lost, the newly-added Incursion mission in the game, the APC can drop holsters, backpacks and chest pieces for all sets except Nomad. For those looking for Nomad gear, the Dark Zone church vendor is your only hope.

If you take down a named enemy in the Dark Zone, you have a 5 percent change to get the Midas, while the Caduceus has a 5 percent chance to drop from named enemies outside the Dark Zone. When it comes to hard and challenge mode bosses, every boss in the game, regardless of mission, has an equal chance to drop any item, all 6 weapons and all 6 armour pieces.

The datamining has even put out a list of weekly and daily assignments that will run from now to August and September. Needless to say, Ubisoft is probably not going to be too happy with this datamining. What do you think of the info? Let us know in the comments below.


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