Ubisoft Massive community developers Hamish Bode and Yannick Banchereau have discussed the wave of cheats and exploits faced by The Division, and have confirmed that the developer will be “harsher” on cheaters than ever before. No specifics were announced, however, such as what punishments will be implemented, and when these punishments will be doled out.


The news comes from the State of the Game stream over on Twitch, where Bode and Banchereau discussed cheating and exploits in The Division. Bode stated that hacking and cheating in the game is not something Massive is trying to deny or hide from and intends to fix the problem, but without the possibility of false positives, i.e. without legitimate players getting banned.

It was also made clear that the studio will make a distinction between exploits and cheats. While cheats typically use third-party software to manipulate a game to their advantage, exploits consist of using a deficiency in the game code to make the game work in unintended, but beneficial ways (to the player). While exploits will be fixed internally, cracking down on cheating will require anti-cheat measures. Banchereau added that the developer will have a “stronger stance” on the game in the future, and that they will be harsher on cheaters.

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