The Dark Zone, intimidating as it is, might be the most enjoyable part of Tom Clancy’s The Division. It all depends on how you play it, and how prepared you are to take on threats from both the environment and fellow players. Here’s what you can do to make sure you make it back to tell the tale.

The Division

Be prepared for close range. For this, bring along an SMG or a Shotgun, both of which are excellent weapons for close quarters combat. Assault rifles aren’t very effective when things go wrong right in front of you.

Stay in touch. Tactics are absolutely crucial when you’re navigating the Dark Zone, and working together with your team mates means talking a lot. Use voice over text communication. A second advantage to doing this is that teams that use voice chat are much less likely to have a member go rogue.

Actually go rogue. What’s the point of buying The Division and exploring the Dark Zone when you’re not even going to bother going rogue now and then? Try and see how long you can survive while on the run – if nothing, it’ll make you a better player.

Kill rogues. You get a lot more experience and cash for killing living, breathing human players than you do for killing AI enemies. Check your minimap: you if find a red skull appear, that’s where a rogue is. Hunt them down and grab all the experience and cash you can get from them.

Be careful at Extraction Zones. NPCs continually spawn here, for one, and you are left defenceless as you make a run for the chopper’s rope. Make sure you send up your flare in a position you can defend, and keep an eye on other players. This place is absolutely ripe for chaos – just make sure the chaos works in your favour.

What other advice do you have for exploring the Dark Zone in The Division? Let us know in the comments below.


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