Lionsgate recently announced that it intends to make Divergent series a television movie, which is a sweet shocker for the fans but the actual start cast; Woodley and James are more than just disappointed. They have not only expressed their disappointment but have flagged their complete disinterest in continuing the project. When asked Woodley to comment on the same, she justified that she wasn’t informed formally and the news came to her ears through the press. She further went on adding that she never practiced her way out to star in a TV movie and would prefer only an opportunity that takes the road of a theatrical release.


It’s not only Woodley who has decided to step back from the Divergent franchise, James and Miles Teller also joined their co-star in staying away from the franchise. When asked they didn’t comment anything specific but conveyed that a formal notification from Lionsgate would have been helpful and added that a television movie will be the step-down. Well we can’t argue with that, can we.

Speaking on the part where why Lionsgate chose to pull plugs off from the theatrical release of the Divergent series, a spokesperson from the production house said that the poor performance of Divergent: Allegiant was one of the main reasons and they wanted to give the Divergent another shot, but differently. It would be a lie to say that Divergent, in a form of TV movie would be the same, shall be a lie. But switches happen and all we can hope is to map the performance of the significant earner i.e. Divergent. We’ll keep you posted!


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