Many reports stated LG will ditch Friends expansion with the LG G6. Instead modular design, the LG G6 will feature a sealed body along with seamless design. The decision mean the G6 may come with waterproofing and wireless charging.

LG G6 To Ditch The Modular Design Concept

LG plans to unveil its next flagship during February 2017, the same time window Samsung is expected to publish the Galaxy S8. The LG, according to recent rumors, is using water-resistant adhesive on the LG G6 display, which means the phone will feature water-proof body. Since Friends expansion hasn’t delivered expected results, the shift toward making a water-proof body might be a winning move.

Flagship Galaxy models from Samsung sport the water-proof feature for some time, with users loving the feature. Instead of a removable battery, the LG G6 will allow being dropped into the water without any consequences. Since LG recently released LG V34 (5.1-inch display variant of the LG V20, exclusive to Japan), the rumors have a high chance of being true. It seems water-proofing is far more popular than a modular design it today’s smartphone world.

Along with water-proofing, the LG G6 might come with wireless charging support, along with a yet to be unveiled mobile payment service. Since both technologies are in high demand at the moment, both moves seem legit.


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