Tech Virtual Reality Disney to Use Nokia Ozo VR Camera for Virtual Reality Movies

Disney to Use Nokia Ozo VR Camera for Virtual Reality Movies

Nokia is best known for making mobile phones, and rumors have it that the company is going to resume the business this year. However, Nokia has also worked hard on Nokia Ozo, which is a virtual reality camera that is turning out to be a great device indeed. The company has signed a deal with Disney for creating VR content with the Ozo.

nokia ozo
Nokia Ozo

Nokia will be providing the Disney filmmakers with its Ozo cameras and other VR equipment to produce exciting VR content. We do not expect any feature films in virtual reality right away, but this could and possibly will lead to that soon. Meanwhile, Disney already used Ozo to shoot the red carpet and cast interview of the recently-released The Jungle Book movie.

We are not very much surprised by the deal signed between Disney and Nokia. That’s because there aren’t many VR cameras in the market for professionals, as most of them are camera rigs for fitting many cameras instead of one standalone, 360-degree camera device. Nokia’s Ozo is something that is ready to go in the floor without setup. And given the fact that VR is the technology of this year, we will surely be seeing VR movies soon, and Disney might make the first few of them.