Disney Crossy Road was updated with the new Monster Inc. theme and you must be wondering how to unlock all the new characters. Worry not, we’ll tell you how to unlock all the characters like Sulley, Mike, Celia and others. There are 28 new characters to unlock. 15 of them are secret characters unlocked after getting special achievements. here is our Disney Crossy road guide.


Disney Crossy Road guide for Unlocking Monster Inc. characters

The new Monster Inc update not only comes with a new location called Monstropolis. There is also anew feature called Weekend Challenge. The new Monstropolis location is amazing but be careful, the CDA is everywhere. Be cautious and avoid the spotlight or you’ll be taken away. There are new monsters in the river so be careful otherwise, they’ll eat you.

Weekend Challenge – What is it?

The new weekend challenge lets you unlock enchanted characters that come with a pixelish feature. To earn it, do the following:

1. Complete quests to earn XP
2. Earn XP to unlock rewards
3. Use coins to skip quests

The weekend challenge is based on the ticket system. The first weekend challenge was Pirates of the Caribbean. Enchanted characters can pick up ten-pixel points per day. When you die you can continue but you’ll have to pay tickets. You can quit but it will cost you a life. Enchanted characters need to complete quests to get XP. Now let’s get to the secret characters. You need to complete character sets to unlock them.

Tony – “Man At Work” character set

Spike – “Rough Around the Edges” character set

Phlegm – “Monsters Inc. Heroes” set

Garbage Cube – Play as Sulley and find him

Sim Kid – Find Sim Kid 10 times and scare him

Queen (Tangled) – Play as Emperor Zurg (Toy Story) and find her

Heathcliff (Big Hero 6) – Play as Fred Supersuit (Big Hero 6) and find him

Clock Cleaner Goofy (Mickey and Friends) – play as Goofy and find a clock

Chief O’Hara (Mickey and Friends) – play as Chief Bogo (Zootopia) and catch 50 criminals

Lantern (Tangled) – play as a Haunted Mansion character and light up 30 candles

Narrator (Haunted Mansion) – play as Sally Slater (Haunted Mansion) and hop 100 times in one round

Blue Beetle (Lion King) – play as Pumba and collect 50 grubs

Let us know whether this guide was helpful or not.


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