We’ll show you how to unlock all of the new secret characters in the Disney Crossy Road Aladdin Update. Furthermore, the new characters include Aladdin, Prince Ali, Jasmine, Rajah, Abu, Elephant Abu, Magic Carpet, Magic Lamp, The Sultan, Jafar, Jafar Genie, Genie, Golden Scarab Beetle, Gazeem, Razoul, Beggar Jafar, Prince Achmed, Pink Flamingo, Lago.

disney crossy road aladdin update
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Disney Crossy Road Aladdin Update – All secret characters unlocked

Pink Flamingo – Complete Agrabah Royalty Set (Sultan, Jasmine, Jafar)

Beggar Jafar – Complete Cave of Wonders set ( Aladdin, Jafar, Gazeem, Magic Carpet and The Genie)

Golden Scarab Beetle – Play as Jafar. Find a piece of the golden scarab beetle. Play as Gazeem and find the other part. You will unlock it after dying.

Magic Lamp – Zap 25 objects. When you die you will unlock the Magic Lamp.

Abigail Callaghan (Big Hero 6) – Play as Hiro Super Suit and find her. You need to die to unlock her.

The Business Lemming (Zootopia) – Play as Nick Wilde. Find a popsicle. You will unlock her after dying.

Priscilla (Zootopia) – Play as Flash. Hop 30 times in 30 seconds. And it needs to be only 30 steps. Meaning if you hop more than that in 30 seconds, you’ll have to try again.

Consequently there are +300 known playable characters. Furthermore, each Character is divided up into 1 out 7 categories. Classic, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Secret, Daily Missions, and Enchanted. Furthermore, classic characters have a higher chance of being won in the prize machine. Meanwhile, rare being harder and epic being the hardest. Furthermore, secret characters are only obtained through special requirements. While the only Legendary character Hamm gives benefits once the player purchases him.

Daily mission characters are only available after making 6 daily missions. Meanwhile Enchanted ones are only available through Weekend Challenges for a limited time. Furthermore, every character except for Hamm can be unlocked for free via the prize machine. Players have also the ability to pay for them and get characters immediately.

Let us know what you think of the Disney Crossy Road Aladdin Update. Special thanks to DaMobile Mob for making it possible.


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