Here we will show you where to find all safe combinations and their respective safe in Dishonored 2. If you still have any questions then let us know in the comments. IMPORTANT NOTE: You need the combination location, otherwise you cannot open the safe, as the numbers are randomly generated.

dishonored 2
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All safe combination locations in Dishonored 2

Mission 02: Edge of the World, it is located in a safe shop called “Winslow Safes” in Dishonored 2. Location: Winslow Safes – Safe shop across Addermire Station. Combination Location: Inside the cash register, at the shop. Rewards: Bone charm, Gold ingot, Silver ingot x2, Pistol, Pistol bullets.

Steel Monitor safe is found during Mission 2: Edge of the World. It is located in Overseer Offices, across the large building with the banner that says “Seized!”. Combination Location: It is on the table, in the entry room. In Mission 3: The Good Doctor, at the Addermire Institute you will find a Steel Monitor Safe in Vasco’s office. First as you arrive at the Institute, go and talk to doctor Alexandria Hypatia. Shortly after you must find an injured man on a stretcher, who will give you the combination code to the safe. The safe itself is in Vasco’s office, which is left of the elevator and through the lab.

Steel Monitor Safe can be found during Mission 1: A Long Day In Dunwall. You will arrive to the area the safe is located in by following the main mission objective. Combination Location: Right of the safe will be a painting, behind it is the code for the safe. Steel Monitor Safe Combination for Mission 4: The Clockwork Mansion is in Lower Aventa District. Go left from the large building with the map board, and enter the apartment building there. Combination Location: The code is written on the blackboard in the hallway. you only get the first two numbers so keep scrolling the third wheel until you unlock it.

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