We will give you 5 reasons why you should play Dishonored 2. Things are getting dark, stealthy and all steam-punky as we delve into the world of Dishonored 2.

dishonored 2
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Dishonored 2 lets you execute the most brutal kills imaginable

You can play this game in two different styles. Either skulk in the shadows and linger close to patrolling enemies or just go the slice-n-dice route. However, this is a dangerous path to choose as you will be detected and if you get overwhelmed by the enemy presence, it won’t be forgiving.

Corvo is back

The ultimate badass from the original game is back. He has nifty powers to his name and is the father and Royal Protector of Emily Kaldwin, who is the other protagonist of the game. Basically, he’s way cooler than your dad. A perfect contender for the Father of the Year award.

The Domino Spell is the best magic spell we have seen in video games

Domino is all about death and murder in Dishonored 2. Basically, it’s Emily’s power that allows her to link multiple targets. She can then kill one of them and the rest will die as well. Hence, the name Domino.

Emily is as badass as her father

In the original Dishonored, we were introduced to Emily as a little girl. But now she’s all grown up and she’s the kind of Empress who likes to get involved with her subjects. She hides her identity while she jumps around the city streets at night. She wants to reclaim her throne with the help of her father Corvo.

Far Reach is much more powerful than Blink

It’s kind of like an otherworldly grappling hook that allows Emil to grab onto ledges from afar. The hook and rope then thrust her in a specific direction. It feels more natural than the instant teleporting Blink.

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