Dishonored 2 has not only brought our mysterious Lord Protector Corvo Attano but has also brought a young Emily Kaldwin back as a strong and capable assassin. No doubt, she looks absolutely badass as the second protagonist. Original Dishonored game begins with the assassination of Emily’s mother Jasmine and the capture of Emily. This was all part of a plot to take over her Empire. Player actions during the game will have an effect on the ending and he will get a good or bad outcome based on how quietly or loudly he played it. However, the canon ending consists of Corvo rescuing Emily and returning her to Dunwall. She continues her rightful role as the Empress. We’ll be taking a close look at both Emily and Corvo in this Dishonored 2 guide and let you decide which character you should play with. Of course, you will mostly be replaying the game with the other character anyway but this guide will let you decide which character to start the game with for the first time. Here is our Dishonored 2 guide for both Emily and Corvo.

dishonored 2 guide
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Dishonored 2 Guide – Emily and her skills

Far Reach

It works a little like a grappling hook. Unlike Corvo’s Blink, it is more physical. Emily will shoot a non-terrestrial vine out of her hand which will cling to a wall or edge and propel her towards it. Like Just Cause in the first person. Those who have played Thief can draw some comparison between this and the rope arrow. However, keep in mind that unlike Blink Emily can be spotted when zipping between places. So, make sure you use it more discreetly.

This power can also be upgraded to grab items and pull them towards you. You can throw these items at enemies or keep them. You can even upgrade the power to pull enemies towards you and use them as a human shield or just finish them off quickly.

dishonored 2 guide
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This is the best Emily power we have seen yet. This gives you the ability to connect and line up the faiths of your enemies. What this means is that whatever you do to one enemy will happen to the rest. So, as in a “Domino Effect”, one domino enemy falls victim to your powers and so do the others if they were aligned properly.


This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically, you can create a second Emily clone which you can use as a distraction. You can use this with the Domino power. An example of this is tying the faiths of your enemies with your Doppelganger. Then you can kill your Doppelganger. Because the faiths are connected, the death of your Doppelganger will mean the death of all those aligned to it.

You can attach a spring razor to the back of your Doppelganger and have it run past a group of guards. Detonate the spring razor and kill the guards.


This involves putting its targets in a dream-like state by producing a tear in the world in front of them. This reveals a vision which is so powerful it puts them in a trance. Targets may also make strange remarks while in their dream-like state. You can upgrade the power to use it on four targets at once. This can definitely assist you if you want to get a low chaos rating at the end of a mission.

Shadow Walk

It allows Emily to transform into a shadow monster-like being. In that form, she can move closer to the ground and can go through small openings. The best way to visualize this is to remember Corvo’s possession power in the first game where he can possess a rat and get around holes and small spaces. You can also pick up enemies while in Shadow Walk and throw them away like Emily did in the trailer.

dishonored 2 guide
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Dishonored 2 Guide – Corvo and his skills (skills are the same but they have new upgrades which makes them practically new)


The infamous Blink make its return once again. If you played the Knife of Dunwall DLC, then you should remember Daud’s modified version of Blink which allows him to stop time while in Blink. Corvo can look around while time is stopped, as long as he doesn’t move. This upgrade will be available to Corvo in the upcoming Dishonored game. A new upgrade to the Blink allows you to gather momentum by holding the Blink and then teleport close to the enemy to release all the momentum and push the enemy to their death if they are conveniently standing close to a ledge (as is so often the case in stealth games).

Bend Time

This was extremely powerful to use in the first game. Players can escape alert enemies by slowing down time or completely stopping it. However, now this has a new upgrade to it in the next game. Players can now fast forward time. So, if you want a guard to leave a certain area but he’s taking too long and you fear that by the time he leaves some other guard will come to your position and blow your cover, you can fast forward time for that guard only so he leaves quickly and you can continue on your path.


The plague is over but Corvo can still summon rats or blood flies at his enemies. Blood Flies lay eggs in corpses which in turn could result in even more blood flies. You can upgrade the power to have even more blood flies or spawn more than one packs of blood flies at once.


This was a commonly used power by players in the previous game. In Dishonored 2 this can now be used to possess blood flies which allows players to get to areas which are high above the ground and unreachable Since the game will have a lot of verticality, it only makes sense that players will be using this ability a lot. Players can jump from one host to another very quickly and can even possess corpses.

dishonored 2 guide
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Dark Vision

Dark Vision allows Corvo and Emily to see enemy locations through walls by highlighting them. This time, the art style and color contrast will be different when players use Dark Vision.

Did you find our Dishonored 2 guide helpful? Let us know in the comments. We’ll update you with some more Dishonored 2 guides and updates. We recently did an article where we advised players what to look out for to stay up-to-date with the lore of the game. You can check that here.


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