Dishonored 2 achievements have been revealed by Bethesda. There are a total of 47 achievements and trophies. Getting them all will require a lot of grinding and skill as well. However, we are confident that it’ll be worth it in the end. The previous Dishonored game also challenged players with a slew of achievements. This time will be no different.

Keep in mind, the achievements here might also spoil the game. SPOILER ALERT! You have been warned. If you don’t want the game to be spoiled, then it’s best you don’t read any further. However, if you don’t care or just want to take a bit of a peak, you can take a look at the Dishonored 2 Achievements. The game is just around the corner and will release for next-gen consoles and PC. You can play as Corvo or Emily. Both characters have their own set of abilities which means each play through will be unique. As always, the fate of the Kingdom is in your hands as this time the father-daughter duo are ousted from their leadership position.

dishonored 2 achievements
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Dishonored 2 Achievements Revealed

  • Imperial Seal
    Recovered your Signet Ring
  • Jewel of the South
    Reached Karnaca
  • Fearless Fall
    Drop from Addermire’s highest point and take out an enemy below
  • Eureka
    Crack the Jindosh lock without finding the solution else where
  • Flooded Basement
    Drain the water to recover a Rune
  • Dilapidation
    Find the hidden balcony passageway
  • Familiarity breeds contempt
    Rob Galvani multiple times
  • The Lovers
    Link 2 characters with Domino just before one kills the other
  • Sliding Marksman
    Score a headshot while sliding
  • Occult Carver
    Craft 10 Bonecharms
  • Heartbeat Reaper
    Eliminate 6 enemies in less than 1.5 seconds
  • Fatal Redirect
    Kill an enemy with their own bullet
  • Circle of Life
    Cast Possession once. Chain it between human, hound, rat, fish and bloddfly
  • Ghostly
    Finish an entire mission without being spotted
  • Alternative Approach
    Finish an entire mission with no casualties

You can check out the rest of the achievements on Bethesda’s blog. Let us know what you think of the Dishonored 2 Achievements. The game also received a new trailer which shows how you can combine different abilities to get devastating outcomes.


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