A Digital Homicide lawsuit against Steam users and possibly Valve itself is at a center of a flaw in the Steam platform. Digital Homicide is an American game studio. They published games on Steam. This is a studio run by Robert and James Romaine. Since its founding in 2014, it released 21 games on Steam along with a bunch of DLCs as well. One of those games is aptly named Temper Tantrum. We say apt because Digital Homicide is a very sue happy developer. However, this might be the end of the road for them. They are dropping the lawsuit after Steam takes down all of their products from the website.

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Digital Homicide set to drop its lawsuit against its own customers

Jim Sterling got sued. Given the kind of content developed by that Youtuber, you could really see why a developer with really small shoulders might try to do that. However, there’s next to no chance he’s going to lose that lawsuit. What Digital Homicide did next made us wonder if they’re a few Rubiks short of a cube. They filed a lawsuit against 100 Steam users for $18 million for personal injury. Furthermore, they were granted a subpoena to get the Steam user identity.

The fact that they were granted a subpoena to get user identity is no big deal. Furthermore it is a fairly normal course of action which Valve will have the opportunity to dispute. However, when Valve removed all Digital Homicide games the developer decided to take the company to court too. This is where everything boils down because Valve effectively disrupted their main source of income.

Members of the Steam group found paperwork filed last week with the district court of Arizona asking for a dismissal of Digital Homicide’s case against 100 Steam users without prejudice. According to the motion, Digital Homicide was “destroyed completely financially disabling The Plaintiff [James Romine Jr.], destroying usability of all current work effort, and other untold damages.”

So, Steam users can now rest in peace knowing this angry developer won’t be going after them.


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