You’ve seen, you’ve seen, and the next one in the ranks is… Nah, psyche. It’s, which takes the classic formula and turns it into a battlefield of tanks (that really look like ducks when you look at them from up top). is no doubt the hardest of the lot – it’s a lot less forgiving, and getting good here takes no small amount of strategy. Below are the few tips and tricks to help you even the odds. tips and tricks

Before we start, let’s have a little introduction to the game for those who are new to it. is basically but is a bit tougher. In, you control a tank and shoot obstacles or various shapes to increase your EXP level. You get a stat point with every level, and you can change your class too, which ultimately affects your gameplay. There are various options to increase your tank speed or bullet power. The game may look simple, but it is not, which is why you need tips and tricks.

When it comes to the basics, keep in mind that your goal is to level up by shooting the various obstacles scattered around in the game. These are the squares, pentagons and triangles that you’ll find in the screenshot above. As you destroy stuff (including enemy tanks), your level bar fills up, and you can then improve your stats to become a more powerful tank. Long story short, it’s an RPG in the mold.

So how do you get good? One strategy calls for focusing your upgrading on movement speed and health regeneration. After maxing out your regen, focus on upgrading your body damage and movement speed. Your goal is to run over blocks instead of shooting them.

Another strategy in the list of our tips and tricks is to get to level 15 and upgrade to a Twin class, then maxing out your bullet damage and reload. When you reach level 30, upgrade to a Triplet class and max out Bullet penetration and bullet speed. Spend the rest of your upgrades onto Max Health. Your goal in this strategy is to be protected by your own stream of bullets. Just keep shooting everything down, and you’ll be fine.

Got your own tips and tricks? Let us know your best strategies in the comments below.


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