Diep.io got a new update on the 18th of this month, adding a changelog (which is very meta) while also adding the Necromancer class. This is an odd class for a game based around shooting things as a geometrical tank and then levelling up, but nevertheless, it begs some investigation to find out exactly what the Necromancer class does, and how you can get your hands on it.

Diep.io Necromancer

The Necromancer class controls squares that it kills or squares that die around it, according to the official description. You can control the squares and send them in whichever direction you please – your own private zombie army, essentially. Every shape you crash into joins your horde, making them very handy as a shield or even a weapon.

To get the Necromancer class, you need to first choose the Sniper class when you reach level 15. Then, at level 30, upgrade to the Overseer class. Finally, at level 45, choose Necromancer instead of the alternative: Overlord. Keep in mind that the Necromancer class does not shoot at all, which makes it a somewhat challenging class to play.

Are you good with the Necromancer class in Diep.io already? Let us know your best tips and strategies for it in the comments below.


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