“Diablo 3” double XP weekend will kick off on Friday, July 14 at 8 pm ET and will end on Monday, July 17 at 1 pm ET. Blizzard has decided to come out with the double XP weekend as a part of an apology for not completing the hotfixes related to the game in time caused due to technical issues. Check out more!

According to The Escapist, certain technical issues delayed Blizzard from rolling out the much-needed fixes for “Diablo 3” last week. The fixes included buffing the Bones of Rathma and fixing a glitch that allowed Greater Nephalem Rifts quick clearing by the parties with Necromancers and Demon Hunters.

Blizzard To Roll Out Legendary Gems

The source says that the game developer has now sorted out those hotfixes and is also rolling back the Legendary Gems so that the “Diablo 3” fans can enjoy the game smoothly. This new announcement is in response to the Legendary Gem exploit that is currently going around with some of the gamers increasing their Gem count to above 140, says PC GamesN.

Nevalistis, the Community Manager of the game posted in the official forums that Blizzard will roll back Legendary Gems to its maximum level which would have been easily achievable before the patch went live.

Diablo 3
Diablo 3

However, the post adds that it does not in any way mean that they will not take actions against the offending accounts. But the manager cleared out one thing that the additional actions will be discussed only within the staff and the offending individuals.

‘Diablo 3’ Double XP Weekend To Appreciate Patient Gamers

Blizzard is holding the double XP weekend to appreciate the patience shown by the community as the issue was being addressed. Despite such positive update, the reactions from the community have not been supportive. It is because Blizzard has once again taken its standard approach that it usually takes whenever the game developer wants to sort out any bans or take actions on any accounts publicly.

So, in the case of “Diablo 3” issues as well Blizzard has adopted the same approach. Even then, gamers will have a chance to spend some time with their favorite game and reach a new incentive to level that Necromancer pack.


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