Last March, Blizzard finally released the closed beta update of its longest-running game, Diablo 3. Along with it, the game developer also introduced the new Necromancer character class for the game. While the new Necromancer class is said to have quite a steep learning curve, it is by far the most exciting one.

Diablo 3 closed beta necromancer class

For someone who is just about to start the game, using the Necromancer class can be a bit of a challenge. To help everyone out, here are some of the techniques one can use as well as the things one will need to know about the Necromancer class.

First off, the Necromancer relies on skills that are quite unique to the class. However, it does share some similarities with other character classes. For instance, just like the Druid class, the Necromancer can summon things. But instead of summoning beasts, the Necromancer revives the undead as well as other gruesome stuff.

One of the basic summoning skills of the Diablo 3 Necromancer is the Bone Spikes. This skill is quite versatile and can even stun enemies for as long as one second when upgraded with Sudden Impact skill. Furthermore, when upgraded to Blood Spikes, enemies bleed 50 percent more while the character gets healed by 0.1 percent every time it is used.

The next skill to know about the Necromancer is the Bone Spear. This skill is more powerful than the Bone Spikes skill, however, there is a caveat. The Bone Spear skill drains as much as ten percent of the user’s health the more powerful it gets. Nonetheless, this can be countered by the Siphon Blood skill.

Every now and then, players are sometimes caught between a rock and a hard place. Good thing is, the Necromancer has a nifty skill that can get the player out of certain sticky situations. According to the official Diablo 3 blog, the new character class has a skill called Blood Rush. This lets the Necromancer dash through enemies enabling players to avoid being cornered.

Finally, there is the Decrepify skill. This skill can slow down enemies by 75 percent while making them weaker by 20 percent for 30 seconds.

While all of these may sound exciting especially for a Diablo 3 fan, Blizzard is yet to announce the official release of the new update. Are you excited for the Diablo 3 Necromancer pack? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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