Devious maids has faced the TRP challenges in the past but has enjoyed some faithful fanbase across the world. After running for 4 years, the rating of the hyped show has dropped at a good speed. For readers who are new to the sitcom, Devious Maids is a series where 5 women who belong to elite families are friends and face hiccups of the relationship time and again. What is interesting to see in the series, is the struggle of friendship surviving through the boils of temporary problems. Touted as a comedy drama series, Devious Maids has won the fans but not the ratings chart which has further forced the production team to take up a decision to close the show.


Fans specifically from France have bid for the continuation of the show but this isn’t enough to support the decision of taking the show on further. But the good part is that an online petition is being launched where fans are requested to submit their consent in taking the show further. Well, now things are in the hands of the audience now.

Season 4 will definitely have 10 episodes added to its kitty but the future of season 5 is yet to be decided which is why the production team has left it in the hands of the fans now. The online campaign is a good way to map the popularity of the show, if things go in favour of the audience interested then this can force the production team to take up a positive decision of continuing the show.

Well, we can only hope and pray that things work out for the best and we get to see 5 beautiful ladies fight through the jolts of friendship with wit and humour.


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